Google Plus Optimisation – Google My Business

Do you have a professional Google Plus profile, yet?

Many companies, also in the hotel and tourism industry, still underestimate the importance of Google Plus. Facebook and Twitter seem to be the predominant social networks businesses engage with.
BUT: Google Plus becomes ever more important!

For one, Google Plus now has more than 400 million members and attracts 100 million active monthly users.

Secondly, Google Places (now Google My Business) has been integrated into Google Plus in 2012 and if you want your hotel to be found on Google Maps, it must have a Google Plus Local / Maps entry. A single hotel can reach approximately 10.000 Impressions per month on Google Maps and so generate bookings via the hotel website or OTAs which are linked from the Google Local entry.

Moreover, guests can ‘like’ your hotel website when logged into Google Plus, similar to ‘liking’ on Facebook – this is offereing an additional chance for viral marketing. Your Google+ contacts can also be filtered into so-called ‘Circles’ by which you can target exactly who to send your Google Plus messages to.

And last but definitely not least, a Google Plus profile and ‘likes’ will have a considerable impact on search results in the still dominant search engine.

Therefore, use Google Plus for your hotel online marketing!

We create your Google Plus profile for you, including the following items:

1. Google+ profile and page of your hotel (similar to a Facebook Page) incl. header photo, logo, hotel information, hotel photos, videos etc. * Google Plus optimisation for hotels
2. Google My Business entry, so that your hotel can be found on Google Maps Google Plus optimisation for hotels
3. Optional: provision of Google Plus Widget for your hotel website

* Please note, that all content needs to be provided by the hotel in approprate formats.

Once your Google Plus profile has been created, we can also offer consulting on effective interaction with your guests and Google Plus Optimisation.

  • Google Maps with Google Plus My Business Entry
    Google Maps with Google My Business Entry
  • Google Plus My Business Entry
    Google My Business Entry