What is Remarketing for Hotels?

You may have been wondering why you see ads on a website with products that you previously viewed in a completely different web shop?
In short, that’s Remarketing!

For your hotel, you can use the same internet marketing strategy.
Use Google Analytics to track visitors to your hotel website. Filter your website visitors, with regards to whether they have entered the booking process and only then left your website. This shows interest in your hotel. Nevertheless, the website visitor has not booked for some reason (yet). Wouldn’t you like to still capture these potential hotel guests and make them book?

So, in Google AdWords, create special ads to be shown on the Google Display Network, and only to those previous website visitors. That way, remind them of your hotel and the fact that they had already shortlisted it.
Now, think of special booking incentives. You can also set deadlines for your special offer to create urgency.
Link your remarketing ads to a specific landing page where the website visitors can instantly book and redeem the discounts offered.
And you have won a hotel guest, who might otherwise have “forgotten” about your hotel.

Learn a bit more about remarketing in this Google AdWords video:

If you still have questions, please ask us!