Hotel Internet Marketing FAQ

Learn about hotel internet marketing strategy, terms and concepts in our FAQ:

What are organic search results?

Everything at Google started with organic search results. Sometimes organic search results are referred to as natural search results. These are the search results that the Google algorithm generates, if a user enters a search term in the Google search box and presses “Enter”. More →

What is Remarketing for Hotels?

You may have been wondering why you see ads on a website with products that you previously viewed in a completely different web shop?
In short, that’s Remarketing!

For your hotel, you can use the same internet marketing strategy. More →

What is responsive web design?

Traditional websites were designed using fixed pixel or point units and therefore looking (more or less) the same on all devices. Responsive web design on the other hand uses percentages, arranging website elements relative, not absolute to each other. The website layout adapts to screen size by using fluid, proportion-based grids and flexible images with help of CSS3 media queries.  More →